It’s fun, relaxing and you take home something you have made entirely by hand

It’s fun, relaxing and you take home something you have made entirely by hand

Craft your own Rustic Stool – an Introduction to green woodworking skills.

This hugely enjoyable and satisfying two day course provides a great introduction to traditional ‘green wood working’ skills. You’ll learn all about ancient woodcraft techniques (no power tools here!) and out of a recently felled ‘green’ log you’ll create your own unique rustic stool to take home.

No wood working experience necessary

Whether it’s for you or as a gift, the course is suitable for absolutely anyone who’d enjoy learning a traditional skill in a beautiful rural Cornish environment, with the added bonus of the satisfaction of creating their own piece of furniture from scratch.

You might be someone who enjoys woodwork or crafts and is looking for a new challenge, or you could be a complete novice. No previous woodworking experience is necessary. 

In two days you will have...

  • Gained a new skill…and possibly a whole new hobby

  • Had a relaxing stress free break in a lovely setting

  • Learnt the principles of greenwood woodworking

  • Used traditional tools such as the froe, spokeshave, drawknife and travisher

  • Created your own rustic stool (without power tools, screws or nails) to take home

This course gives you time to craft using traditional woodworking methods and learn all about wood and trees as you gently create your own masterpiece.

Lunch is provided

Lunch and refreshments are provided.  Luckily for everyone, Steve's wife Claire is an accomplished cook and pasty maker and general provider of excellent lunches and cakes!