The personal data we collect and what we do with it

We are hobby woodworkers, not lawyers so in simple terms, here is the information about your data and us.

When you book a course we see your name and address and email address and other contact details you choose to give us. This includes information about the recipient of a gift voucher if you've asked us to post it to them. We can also log in to our payment gateway (Stripe) and refund or process orders. We can't download details from the gateway and your credit card details are encrypted so we don't see them.

We'll email you about your course and if you tell us you want us to (either whilst you're here or if you subscribe online) we'll send you a newsletter from time to time. It's not something we do every month, we're usually busy outside but we'll try to send three newsletters per year. 

Apart from being stored securely within the Stripe gateway, your email address is stored in the Turning Hare account on Google servers in the cloud. We keep a list of bookings and attendees so we have a record for our books. Nobody sees this except us. We never share details with anyone else.


Most of our cookies are choc-chip and baked by Clare! However, in terms of this page, we run our site on a web provider Squarespace and simply have the settings to default, so we have the most simple approach. Cookies are like electronic flags that get attached to your computer when you look at a web page. Squarespace attaches so that we can track how many computers visit our site and what pages they go on. If you don't want to have cookies on your computer you can remove them in your settings. There is plenty of information about this online.

Hopefully that is enough information for you. If you have any specific questions please get in touch and we'll do our best to provide answers.