Learn traditional green woodworking skills in a peaceful Cornish setting - ideal Christmas gift


If your idea of a great weekend involves getting away from it all, eating great food and learning a traditional skill in an idyllic Cornish setting, a Turning Hare Woodcraft course could be just right for you. Courses also make great gifts that really do last a lifetime!

Steve and Bob are neighbours who set up Turning Hare Woodcraft in order to share their passion for green woodworking. With over 20 years experience of teaching woodwork and a breadth of knowledge on green woodworking techniques, Steve is relaxed, calm and patient, and ensures that you’ll have an informative and enjoyable course…whatever your standard. Steve will be ably assisted by Bob, who as a greenwood enthusiast has a flair for creating rustic furniture.

At Turning Hare, we stick to traditional methods and avoid power tools. If someone is struggling with a traditional tool (hand drills for cutting holes for your tenons can sometimes be tricky), we have power tools as a back up; but wherever possible we want you to enjoy the experience of making a totally hand-crafted piece. We keep our group sizes small (no more than 6 people) so that between us we’ll ensure that you have all the personal tuition that you need.

Make a greenwood stool

Spend time in a peaceful corner of North Cornwall, learning how to craft in traditional woodworking ways. Take home a piece of beautiful furniture - made entirely by hand - your hands! 

About green woodworking

saw horse.jpg

Green woodworking techniques have been around for centuries, and old ways are better than new when it comes to peaceful, satisfying woodcraft.

Spoon carving

log splitting turning hare woodcraft.jpg

Who would have thought that a whacking great log could soon become a simple, beautiful spoon?